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Invitae raises the visibility of a disease community by combining powerful genetic diagnostic testing capabilities with our robust, secure Patient Insights Network (PIN) platform. Download our advocacy partners flyer and learn more!

Genetic testing

Help individuals in your community understand the importance of genetics. Provide information that helps patients shorten the diagnostic odyssey and find a diagnosis, faster.
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Patient Insights Network

Organize patients around the world. Accelerate the search for new and better treatments in a way that puts patient’s privacy first. Find out how to build a PIN.
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Genetic testing with Invitae

Invitae offers one of the broadest test menus, including panel testing for more than 1,500 genes and the option to order an exome (spanning approximately 20,000 genes). Genetic testing can help more patients and families receive an accurate diagnosis, faster.

In addition, when patients test positive, Invitae offers testing to first-degree relatives at no additional charge within 90 days of the test report date.

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Patient Insights Networks (PINs)

The Invitae difference

We built our business with the belief that medical advances are made faster when data is shared and patients are in control of their data. Our engaged patient communities connect and empower patients around the globe. Our advocacy partner program offers organizations the opportunity to brand a Patient Insights Network (PIN) to a cause. Read more about our launched programs.

Invitae’s PIN network, which began as PatientCrossroads, securely houses and safeguards aggregated data for more than 400 medical conditions from more than 100 advocacy organizations. Since 2007, we have built more than 80 PINs and inspired advocacy groups to join the movement to collect and share data as broadly as possible to bring new and better treatments to patients, faster. Our PINs help small advocacy groups make major impact, and enhance the global reach of larger groups. Start a PIN today!

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