Genetic testing programs for patient engagement

Identifying patients for clinical trials & treatments

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Invitae’s approach combines high-quality, low-cost genetic testing with Patient Insights Networks: online, interactive platforms for collecting, curating, coordinating, and delivering patient data.

Genetic testing

Identify patients who could benefit from clinical trials and treatments through genetic testing offered at no cost to the patient
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Patient Insights Network

Connect patients with clinical trial and treatment opportunities related to their genetic diagnoses through a Patient Insights Network
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By working with Invitae, biopharma partners

  • Remove barriers to testing, allowing patients to receive an accurate diagnosis quicker

  • Inform patients and clinicians of clinical trial and treatment opportunities

  • Confirm positive diagnoses and suspected cases with genetic testing

  • Understand the natural history of disease using patient-reported outcomes and clinical records

  • Build engaged patient communities

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Genetic testing with Invitae

Invitae offers one of the broadest test menus, including panel testing for more than 1,500 genes and the option to order an exome (spanning approximately 20,000 genes).

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Patient Insights Networks (PINs)

Patient Insights Networks help researchers and drug developers find better treatments, faster. Patients can contribute data about their experience with a disease and receive information about the latest research and clinical trial opportunities.

PINs identify patients who could benefit from genetic testing as well as patients who already have a genetic diagnosis and want to join a clinical trial or find new treatments. Read more about our launched PINs.

Patient Insights Networks

Selected Invitae commercial partners include:

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