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Technical sophistication, made easy

High-quality testing backed by science
  • Analytical and clinical validation established with a >1,000 person comparative study
  • Advancing the field by collaborating with leading academic centers
  • Including full-gene sequencing and deletion/duplication analysis in a single test
  • Utilizing an evidence-based scoring system enabling objective reproducible reporting

High-quality genetic testing doesn't need to be expensive

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Transparent pricing.
Ethical billing.

  • Panel testing that lets you take cost out of the equation, with no explanation of benefits >$1500 ever
  • Exome testing now available
  • Patient assistance program available

Empower your clinic with tools and support

Family History Tool

Free and easy-to-use pedigree tool

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Clinical support on tap

Expert advice and counseling for you and your patient when you need it

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Genetics Provider Network

Get referrals to your practice

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Gene of the Week

Gene and condition-specific information to help with clinical documentation

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Move medicine forward with us

By sharing genetic information, we can advance genetics and patient care

Founding partner of Free the Data

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Every variant contributed to ClinVar

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Publications in leading journals ensure new knowledge is spread

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