The Invitae Genome Network

Accelerating the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of hereditary disease through permission-based sharing

Patient-directed data sharing

Through its partnerships with biopharma companies as well as the acquisition of AltaVoice, a patient-centered data company, Invitae established the foundation for its Genome Network to connect patients, advocacy organizations, clinicians, researchers, and therapeutic developers.

The power of the PIN

The Invitae Patient Insights Network (PIN) amplifies the voice of patients to help researchers and drug developers find better treatments, faster. Register now to become part of a research-ready PIN with participants from around the world.


Stronger together

Invitae’s ongoing testing services combined with AltaVoice’s database of more than 75,000 patients bring together valuable capabilities, technology, and data to accelerate the use of genetic information for the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases.

The Invitae Genome Network provides patients with a platform where they direct how to share their data to benefit themselves or further research. For more information on the Genome Network email Clinicians interested in genetic testing can create an account. For an overview of Invitae's updated privacy policy, please see the website.