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Invitae believes that genetic information is more valuable when shared

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The Invitae Patient Insights Network (PIN) amplifies the voice of patients to help researchers and drug developers find better treatments, faster.

Through our secure online PIN, patients can contribute data, learn how others manage similar health journeys, and receive information about the latest research and clinical trial opportunities. Register now to become part of a research-ready PIN with participants from around the world.

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Through the Invitae PIN, we connect participants with advocacy organizations, clinicians, researchers and drug developers for the benefit of all.

External registries

In addition to joining the Invitae PIN, patients can help advance important clinical research by registering with one of the groups listed below. These patient registries seek to better understand the associations between genes and disease.

Participation is completely voluntary, and Invitae will never share patient-specific health information with these groups without permission.

If you represent a registry or research groups interested in partnering with Invitae, please contact us.


The Prospective Registry of Multiplex Testing (PROMPT) is a research registry for people who have had multi-gene panel testing for hereditary cancer. It’s a collaborative effort across academic institutions and commercial labs to answer important questions about genetic tests. Joining will help researchers quickly learn information that will help develop the best way to manage risks associated with alterations in cancer susceptibility genes.


GenomeConnect is the patient participation portal for the ClinGen Resource, a National Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded project that is building a genomic knowledge base to improve patient care for all hereditary conditions. GenomeConnect was developed as a tool to connect people who are interested in sharing de-identified genetic and health information to improve the understanding of genetics and health.

Inherited Cancer Registry (ICARE)

ICARE is a registry-based research study and represents a clinical-research-community partnership among medical practitioners, researchers, and members of the general public. The common goal is to improve the lives of patients and families at risk for inherited cancer susceptibility.

The ABOUT Network

Affiliated with the Facing Our Risk Empowered (FORCE) patient advocacy group, the ABOUT Network is for patients with an alteration in any gene associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) syndrome. The ABOUT Network’s goal is to enroll as many Americans as possible, including those with HBOC and unaffected carriers, into research studies to improve health outcomes.

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Please contact us about opportunities to collaborate with Invitae, or visit our genome network page to learn more.